Imagine the possibilities

I was watching this and I felt the need to write down what I’ve been tossing around for a few months. It may sound obvious and silly, you may have considered it before, but, think about it.

It seems everything in nature tends to get more and more complex. As far as we know, and from an objective point of view, we are a group of atoms that have somehow assembled and have started wondering about their origins. If, as I’ve learned, our brain size is limited and therefore, our processing power—that is our individual intelligence—is limited as well, couldn’t it be that the next phase in human evolution is a reunion of many individual intelligences that can work in harmony and be—altogether—a completely new entity that surpasses by far the capacity of any of the individuals that compounds it? Atoms can’t eat and grow. Cells can. Cells can’t think. We can.

Imagine the possibilities.


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