Deayuno radioactivo

En Panamá café negro, tortillas de maiz o torrejas de trigo, tasajo, tajadas de platano verde. En Argentina es mate amargo o dulce con bizcochos o cafe con leche y facturas. Republica dominicana mangú, huevos fritos y salami. En Ecuador café o leche, patacones o tortillas de yuca, llapingachos y yahuarlocro. En Guatemala huevos divorciados, fríjoles cocidos, queso y café. En méxico huevos, fríjoles con chile y tortillas, chilaquiles, molletes o menudo. En Colombia, arepa y chocolate, huevos revueltos, buñuelos, jugo de naranja. En Costa Rica es Gallo pinto o chorreadas y café negro o con leche.




Matlab y manzanas

Adding some sort of mystery to the scene, there was Tim, trying to unlock some unknown artifact. He tried for hours and hours, but nothing seemed to work. The thick reinforced walls of the little box would not dent a single millimeter when thrown against the floor, not even when beaten by an enormous hammer. There was something special about his box. It seemed so fragile when they first saw it, lying on top of the brown and reddish pile of rocks. They thought at first it was a jewel box, but later discovered it was something remarkably different and odd. They were enchanted by the mystery of the box and with the unusual figure they saw behind some bushes near the river.

They were uncertain about telling their parents or any other adult. They wouldn’t understand. So they decided to take up the challenge; to uncover and solve this strange chain of events by themselves. And they did.

Dinosaurs suddenly appeared.

Falsas dicotomías

Falsas dicotomías

Great books

“But when great books of the world were new to me, when I first learnt what had been thought and felt and said by men who had thought and felt profoundly, there was a great liberation in the discovery that hopes and dreams and systems of thought which had remained vague and unexpressed for lack of sympathy in my environment had been set forth in clear and shining words by men whom the world acknowledged to be great. From books I derived courage and hope and freedom in arduous endeavours.”

Bertrand Russel

Frutas con alas

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